Studio Amor hair styling

Amor in spanish means LOVE. It is with this love and true passion for making people look their best that Studio Amor was born.


 I Never get tired of learning, Every year I acquire more knowledge through experience and also by being a student. NEVER THINKING I ALREADY KNOW IT ALL.

I have learned it is a big mistake Hair Professionals make, They believe they know it all and their clients pay for it with mediocre service and techniques.

I HEAR PEOPLE SAY: " I don't really like what my hair dresser does to me, but I have gone to him or her for many years and I feel bad to tell I don't like it."

I ask my clients to raise the bar, to expect the best from me every time, we do have a relationship but above all remember YOU ARE My CLIENT.

The moment you stop expecting the best from me, I could become mediocre; I am afraid of that, I want to create excellence in my business.


Studio Amor

(262) 901-5100

 Walk-ins are always welcome.
Early Hours available by request.